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Wish Lists Plug In Module Add On


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This Zen Cart Plug In Module Add On allows registered users to:

  • "save" products in personal wishlists
  • notify others of their wishlists
  • find other users' wishlist
  • move products between wishlists

A Wish List is a personalized list of all the items you or your organization would love to own!

Friends, family, and co-workers can look at the list and use it to purchase the perfect present.

Create Your Wish List

As soon as you register on a website with this Zen Cart Plug In Module Add On, you'll be able to create your own Wish List. To add items, browse the site and when you find something you like, click the "Add to Wish List" button. You'll see your product when go to wishlist manager page. You'll be asked to name your new list and confirm the privacy setting for it. You'll then be prompted to add further information to your Wish List.

Search For Wish Lists

You can also search for other Wish Lists. Just use the search box on the Wish List page to find who you're looking for by name or e-mail address. To do that, you only need to go your account page, click 'wishlist manager' and you can enter the wishlist that you want to find. Very easy.

Send Your Wish List

You can email your wishlist to anyone that you want to! You can send your wishlist on holidays or birthdays. Gift giving couldn't be easier  because they know the items on your wishlist are the items that you are interested in.

Before our team begins to install this module, a full database back up is required; therefore, we will contact you for cPanel credentials.