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Day Trading Margin Call Issue (WeBull)

Yesterday before close, I liquidated all positions and had a balance of $64,xxx. Last night, during after hours, I purchased shares of a stock to hold over night. I was not prompted that I was using Day Trade Buying Power, and had sufficient Overnight Buying Power to satisfy the purchase. This morning, I received a day trade margin call in the amount of the purchase. My questions are: 1) I currently have unsettled funds from trades, when those settle will that satisfy the margin call (assuming I make no other trades)? 2) Why did I not get a prompt that I was using Day Trade Buying Power? 3)Why did it use day trade buying power instead of overnight buying power?
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Day Trading: Margin 25k account

Pretty sure I know the answer ... but is the day trade buying power limit .. per trade or per day? Can I day trade 40k unlimited times a day or only up to the dollar amount specified in my day trade limit?
I decided to stick it out in RH until I recouped the pre market loss that made me want to cry lol but now I'm about 1k shy of 25k and I am trying to decide if I stay at RH For the cash management or switch to webull for the high DT buying power and day trade limits.
Thanks for your feedback
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Futures day trading margin, TD Ameritrade

Options trader here trying to learn more about the specifics on futures specifically with TD Ameritrade.
Are you able to use day trade margin and day trade micro e-mini contracts for $50 and e mini contracts for $500 as long as you close the position before 5pm? Or does TD Ameritrade not provide this option? Seen it on other brokers websites but cant find anything on TD Ameritrade’s.
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Let's get rid of day trading margin requirements!

Only 99,747 to go!
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How do losses and Profits work in Intra day trading margins?

Hey , I am new to this trading thing , now I know that intraday is risky but still i want someone to explain to me regarding the calculation of loss in margin trading. Say for example I've got 1,000 in my account and I get a margin of 15x , so if I buy shares Worth 15k and end up making a loss if more than 1,000. How is it deducted from my account?? Can someone pleasee explain regarding margins
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Does the 'Day-Trading Margin Requirment' apply to commodities?

I want to practice and learn day trading buy I don't have a spare 25,000$ to start it. I thought about trying to investment in instruments other than stocks but don't know if the rule apply to commodities
Any help?
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Wutbot on "Margin, Trading": [r/wallstreetbets] Let's get rid of day trading margin requirements!
Original Post
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Day trade margin call mess up.

So here's my story. I f-ed up a while back and was put in a day trade margin call (less than $25,000 + 4 day trades) on my margin account.
Today while trying to sell my 12 shares of TA I made a typo and wrote 13, selling 12 and short selling one. Panicking and not thinking I bought to cover―technically making another day trade―and locking me out of buying stock for 90 days.
My question is, would I be allowed to move my funds from my margin account to my non-margin account and forget about this?
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Day Trade Margin Call Issue

Yesterday before close, I liquidated all positions and had a balance of $64,xxx. Last night, during after hours, I purchased shares of a stock to hold over night. I was not prompted that I was using Day Trade Buying Power, and had sufficient Overnight Buying Power to satisfy the purchase. This morning, I received a day trade margin call in the amount of the purchase. My questions are: 1) I currently have unsettled funds from trades, when those settle will that satisfy the margin call (assuming I make no other trades)? 2) Why did I not get a prompt that I was using Day Trade Buying Power? 3)Why did it use day trade buying power instead of overnight buying power?
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day trading, margin account, freeriding

New to day trading, been paper trading for ~1 month and plan to continue for 2-3 months before trying with real money.
Please help me understand trading restrictions in a margin account.
Hypothetical, I have $30,000 in a margin account.
Perhaps I haven't phrased my search correctly on google, but I'm trying to figure out how margin accounts affect settlement date issues of cash accounts. Do I have to wait for the cash portion of my trades to settle before I use the funds? So if I make one of the $10,000 day trades mentioned above with $5,000 cash and $5,000 margin, do I have to wait for the trade to settle before i can use my $5,000 cash for another trade?
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Day Trading Margin Requirements: Know the Rules [FINRA]

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Day trade margin call?

How do people day trade stocks / options without running into this limit? My broker (optionshouse) shut me down so I can only liquidate.
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Quick Margin Question

I understand the meaning of Initial, Maintenance, and Day Trading Margins. But if I was day trading a future index like the micro E-Mini S&P, would I only need the day trading margin of 50 dollars or the initial margin of say 1,300 dollars ?
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Fellow Astronauts,
I don't think the subject has been touched before but regarding the rapid increase of retail traders (myself included) over the past few months, we've seen A LOT of complaint about the PDT rule. Especially since many of us are running small accounts.
I've just done a quick google to find out that such petitions have been done before, in the last couple years, but with very few signatures. Knowing that this sub has now over 250k members, most of them with access different social media to spread the word, I believe we could gather a significant amount of signature to hopfully finally make a change to this arcaich rule.
A couple links : Reason behind the PDT rule Petition remove/change PDT rule Another one There are a couple more out there, I'll let you look it up.
Now I as you can see the PDT rule date from 2001... I think it's safe to say that things have dramatically changed since then. How is it that someone with $25k can get in and out of a postion as many times as he wants and not someone with $5,000, 500 etc.. How many times have you seen your portfolio sinks because you didn't have any day trade left? Or how many time have you enterend a postion without a stop loss on the first day because of it?
So my options are either a margin account and get limited on day trades or a cash account and have to wait for the fund to settled ? What about an account where I can day trade, choose not to use margin and stay within my cash & sweep? Maybe an account where I cannot short a stock as I understand the risk associated with it? Could we do a margin account with restriction on leverage and short until 25k or X $ is reached and lift the day trade restriction?
In my opinion the PDT rule isn't here to protect the new traders, this is BS. Trading IS all about risk management and the PDT rule isn't doing anything to help out, it is just here to protect the firm from the risk associated with a margin account. Now I am just a newbie and I might be talking a bunch of garbage, If so please educate me. I want to know what is the general opinion on the subject, if people have different ideas they want to run through. Depending on the reactions maybe create a new petition with at least 100k signatures or more..
What are you thoughts ?
PS : Please excuse any typos, English is not my native language.
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Question about margin interest for day trading

I have a margin account with over 100k in buying power (day trading founds available) I was so stupid, I might messed up my account, I used around 90000 for day trading several times in a day for a whole month, always closing my position at the end of the day. But then I realize, Don’t I have to pay margin interest? I was so stupid if I have to pay interest for those day trades I would be broke since I usually jump in and out of stocks more than 10 times a day using 100k of leverage.
Some please help me with this doubt
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Do Options affect account balance differently?

I got a Day Trading Margin Call, but I'm well within the margin requirements. the only thing I've done differently recently is trade a larger volume of options. I am on a margin account, not a cash account. Do options affect your account status in a margin account than regular common shares do?
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Day trading on margin. How does it work???

I have been day trading for some time in a cash account and I have been considering applying to upgrade to a margin account. I’ve been googling for the last few hours trying to find an answer to a specific margin question with a frustrating lack of resolution. Bear with me.
Let me first start by saying that I know what margin is and I fully understand the PDT rule. The answer that I am looking for is not an explanation of what they mean (which is all I got from google). I am trying to understand the effect of my buying power after having already completed a day trade.
I read somewhere that margin can cover all of my trade if, of course, I choose to use only margin and if I have the margin buying power to do so. I’m not sure if this is true and if it isn’t true, please someone let me know, but if it is true what is my buying power after my following example...
Hector is an active trader and he has an account with $25k cash and a 4:1 margin. So obviously $100k buying power. Hector buys 25 shares of ABC at $1,000 per share totaling $25,000 and he chooses to fund 100% of this purchase with margin. 30 minutes later he sells his position for $1,100 per share. A profit of $2,500. Later that day he spots another trade opportunity. What is his buying power for that second trade? Is it $75k because he already used $25k of his initial $100k buying power? Or is it still $100k because he didn’t use any of his actual cash to fund the original trade?
I’m sorry if this is a stupid question or asked in a very drawn out way but there seems to be no easy way to ask this.
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Question: What counts as eligible securities for the PDT rule?

Snagged this from this page on the finra site:
" Does the $25,000 minimum equity requirement have to be 100 percent cash or could it be a combination of cash and securities?
You can meet the $25,000 minimum equity requirement with a combination of cash and eligible securities."

But I can't find anything anywhere that specifies what constitutes an "eligible security."

Reason I ask, I have a brokerage account that is worth more than the 25k, but it is all in index funds, ETFs and other stocks.
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Why does Robinhood warn me about day trading when my account is not a margin account?

Title says all. Not even enrolled in Gold. IIRC pattern day trader regulation only applies to margin account.
Edit: Not that I'm trying to earn money day trading. I'm just worried if RH will lock my account if I make a mistake.
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Day Trade Call Question

Sorry if this isn’t the best forum for this question, but I figured many of you guys day trade and have experience with this.
So I’m well over 25k in my account and never went below it, but I got flagged as a pattern day trader (PDT) since I did more than 4 day trades in 5 days. My account is not restricted, but instead my account “changed” to have this weird extra day trading margin that’s 4:1. First, is this normal? I always thought PDT applies to < 25k accounts but does it just actually apply to any account that does 4 or more day trades in a 5 day period?
Now the problem is, I also have overnight margin. I did a bunch of trades and held the position overnight. So the next day, I don’t have any day trading margin to start the day or have limited margin due to having it all on overnight positions. If I were to SELL these overnight positions to free up cash and thus margin in my account, am I allowed to then day trade on that amount?
I read some stuff online and it was confusing so I was hoping someone can help. It says on some websites that if I day trade on an overnight position, I can get a day trade call. This isn’t some regular call due to losing money, but rather I exceed my day trade buying power and need to satisfy it. I can then withdraw it after depositing, but the last thing I want is to be hit with a large day trade call due to not understanding the rules.
Under what conditions can I sell/cover an overnight position from yesterday and then day trade on that? Can I never do it? Or is it only if the overnight position was in the previous days “day trade buying power”? Otherwise I’m confused. Does that mean I cannot hold positions overnight if I want to day trade the next day?
Thanks for any help!
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Having trouble understanding buying power in a PDT margin account...?

So, right now I trade options over a few days/weeks/months in a larger margin account, in a not PDT account.
Also have a cash account with about $10k in it I've been using to day trade and test things. It's been going well. But as I trade options, its simple -- I use up the $10k with each round trip over about 10x $1k trades, stop, and resets overnight. (I typically only hold one position at a time, and never hold overnight. I don't really want to use margin for leverage other than being able to trade more often vs larger amounts.)
So, my next step was to move more money into a margin account with that broker. So, lets say I move over $35k into a margin account, only used for day trading.
If I buy->sell, buy->sell, etc options... how much can I round-trip in total per day?
Reading stuff like ...leaves me a bit confused.
So from that, Margin Buying Power = $35k - $25k min maintenance margin = $10k x 4* = $40k (*or whatever the broker decides below that)
So, that $40k example of buying power. For example if I buy a set option contracts for $10k, and sell break-even at $10k in trade #1 for the day. How often can I repeat this round-trip on the same day without getting a day trading margin call? (I'm not sure if the limit is "4 times, so <=$40k purchased total" or "unlimited times, as long as the total bought outstanding at once isn't over $40k".)
Sorry if this is a dumb question or already answered many times over...just the more I read, the more unsure I'm becoming. Thank you! :)
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If my account says I’m not eligible for Margin Trading, does that mean I can day trade freely without the PDT rule?

If my account says I’m not eligible for Margin Trading, does that mean I can day trade freely without the PDT rule? (TDAmeritrade)
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DAY TRADING BITCOIN LIVE! 100X MARGIN WEW! - YouTube Margin Trading: The Ins and Outs - YouTube Day Trade Margin Pattern day trader margin call! Day TradingHow to margin Buy Sell sharesSell shares ...

Managing margin calls for pattern day traders. Just as regular margin accounts are subject to margin calls when you fail to meet margin maintenance requirements, there are consequences for pattern day traders who fail to comply with the margin requirements for day trading. Day trading on margin – using borrowed money to leverage one’s trading results – is a speculative practice that can be dangerous. Margin trading is not for novice traders, who have yet to establish effective strategies and risk management practices. The day-trading margin rules address this risk by imposing a margin requirement for day trading that is calculated based on a day trader's largest open position (in dollars) during the day, rather than on his or her open positions at the end of the day. The pattern day trader will then have, at most, five business days to deposit funds to meet this day-trading margin call. Until the margin call is met, the day-trading account will be restricted to day-trading buying power of only two times maintenance margin excess based on the customer’s daily total trading commitment. In a 2003 article published in the Financial Analysts Journal titled “The Profitability of Day Traders”, professors at the University of Texas found that out of 334 brokerage accounts day trading the U.S. markets between February 1998 and October 1999, only 35% were profitable and only 14% generated profits in excess of than $10,000.

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How To Avoid Pattern Day Trading Rule Cash Account VS. Margin Account - Duration: 23:37. The Boiler Room 115,438 views Today we will cover the basics of margin for active traders. Using margin can be an amazing advantage but you should be aware of how it actually works to avo... I got hit with a margin call because my pattern day trader account fell below $25,000. This is why I believe day traders should have at least a $30k bankroll. Even then, only if you have had ... If you want to learn more about Trading Bitcoin on this exchange check it out here- Day Trading Bitcoin today on Labor Day as Bi... If the idea of margin trading sounds like a strategy that could work for you, find out how to get started. To get more trading insights go to http://www.schw...