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Any interest in a HFT and backtesting platform for GDAX?

I'm building out the tech infrastructure required for analyzing a GDAX bitcoin order book and executing/simulating trades based on it in real-time. Doing it for myself for now, as the only bots and data sets I found were for trading based on historical ticker price only, not with actual order book data. With a little more effort, I can expose the simulation engine through a web interface. I'm just hoping to gauge the interest before I do. Are there folks here who would like to test out some order book dynamics algos on GDAX markets?
Edit: Some tech details
Happy to answer more questions as they come.
Edit #2:
Cool, looks like people would be interested in poking around! I'll get a Github repo up as soon as it's ready, along with a web interface to mess instantly try it out, Quantopian-style. In the meanwhile, plz continue posting or PMing if interested. Also, I'm full of questions for existing traders. I would love to hear about existing algo trading platforms ya'll have experience with. Any killer features, or limitations, you ran in to? Are there common APIs for strategy construction I should conform to? (For now, I've been using a simplified Zipline-like API)
Edit #3
We started a Slack channel! Join here if you'd like to discuss further or collaborate.
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Zipline + Pyfolio

I am just getting introduced to Zipline and Pyfolio thought this tutorial ( I feel that I have a pretty good hold of the basics of zipline and pyfolio (mainly when using it on Quantopian) but am having some trouble getting pyfolio to output a correct tear sheet from the backtest preformed in the tutorial. The backtest return graphs all display the incorrect date (1/1/1970) which makes me think its the Timestamp format of the returns but I have checked it and it seems to be inline with the examples on the Pyfolio GitHub page. Ive also looked through the Pyfolio code and cant seem to identify where its getting that incorrect date form. The data in the tutorial is minute data which I do not believe should not cause any issues because pyfolio takes in daily data. I realize these graphs could be made pretty easily but would prefer to have Pyfolio do the work for me. Has anyone used zipline and pyfolio to generate a tear sheet with custom data? If anyone has a better way to get to this id be open to that too.
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How to learn trading algorithms by doing?

I want to learn trading by doing, i. e. by developing and testing algorithms. I am completely new to this field and would appreciate answers to the following questions.
Question 1:
As far as I understand, in order to develop and test a trading algorithm, you need special software (like routines for getting historical data, backtesting). I found Quantopian and looks like a good way to develop algorithms.
However, after I've created an algorithm on Quantopian, I need some different platform to run it.
The reason is this: Quantopian may not want to use my algorithm because
Are there affordable ways to trade securities, which
If yes, what are these?
Question 2:
If I wanted to trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, what software/platforms do I need in order to
a) develop (incl. backtesting) and b) run the algorithm with a limited risk (by "limited risk" I mean that I can set a limit and not lose more than that limit)
Quantopian wrote that you can import any historical data (incl. Bitcoin prices). If it's true, then I could do part a) in Quaontopian. If you can't develop cryptocurrency trading algorithms on Quantopian for some reason, please tell so.
Thanks in advance
Dmitri Pisarenko
P. S.: I couldn't post this question on Noise question thread because it is archived and doesn't allow new comments.
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Why haven't you integrated with tradingview and created a publicly available API?

I want a good desktop interface over bitcoin integration; has this question already been asked or am I the only one? Edit: Integrated with quantopian but that's about it in regards to algo trading.
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1Broker + TradingView beginner automation (plus question)

[Sorry for the long post] So I've looked around this sub and I see a lot of high level or theoretical Algo discussions which I can appreciate but I'm kind of lost when it comes to practical applications and I don't even know if any service even exists that can meet my needs.
Currently, I have a strategy that I think is a little profitable with 1 minute data intraday swing trading on USDJPY, it's very simple and written in Pinescript. I plug the pinescript into a 1 min chart on Tradingview and it spits out alerts for my trades. The alerts are picked up by a chrome addon called Autoview which sends the orders to 1broker using a special alert API. I hate it for many reasons: - Chrome with tradingview and Autoview must be running and checked frequently for glitches (sometimes alerts stop firing randomly) - Tradingview alerts are not meant to be used as orders so I lose any semblance of order management. Basically it fires alerts/orders for every entry point regardless of my current balance or positions. - Pinescript sucks. - 1broker uses bitcoins as currency, I like bitcoins but don't fully trust putting thousands of dollars into them when it could be rendered obsolete at any time without warning.
So the reason I use it is because it meets all my needs. I'm just starting out and I have a fairly large income via my job (US) but it would take me at more than a year to save up 25k for a legit daytrading account. So I need to find a broker + automation combo with the following: - hedging within the same fund (is this not allowed in the US?) - can make unlimited day trades without needing $25,000 USD, low minimum account size - low or no fees - supports 24/5 forex or E-mini trading (options not required) - API for automation with somewhat low coding requirements. I am familiar with python but by no means am I an expert. I like looking at tradingview charts and backtest instantaneously via graphical interface but I realize this is probably not very common.
I've spent a lot of time on both Quantopian and Quantconnect but neither of them can do intraday trading very well if at all. They are primarily focused on fundamental trading and I'm more into technical trading. I tried looking into Ninjatrader, metatrader, whatever but I found them very expensive, unnecessarily complicated, and beholden to the US's stupid trading laws.
TL;DR - Can anyone tell me exactly how to implement my simple automated intraday FX strategy using a simple interface that doesn't require me to have a $25,000 US brokerage account and software that costs 1000's of dollars?
P.S. If any other beginners are in the same situation as me you should look into + TradingView + Autoview, it's pretty sweet given the limitations it's working with.
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Log of AMA with swarmfund - Joel (@fractastical)

techbytes Ark community would like to welcome Joel (@fractastical) from Swarmfund here for today AMA and thank you for taking the time to be here.
rby123 people used so much gas that there are few tx per block
dr10 Hello Joel
joelafc theres only room for one Joel around here
dr10 you are joel as f. :kappa:
techbytes Joel anyone else here from Swarmfund?
joelafc left #trading_altcoins
fractastical Yes they are all next to me in person
axente :trollbounce:
fractastical i can have them join this slack
mad4thrash hello @fractastical
jakethepanda Hi Joel @fractastical welcome
mad4thrash unconfirmed tx to ico: 8,709 txs 417,232.73 ETH rotfl (edited)
mike Hi Joel, thanks for joining in
dr10 I understand Swarmfund focusses on creating a platform, where people can crowdfund revolutionairy projects over and over again. What makes Swarm-Fund attractive to bright minds with potential revolutionairy ideas and why should normal people invest in it? Many good ideas imply a free and open source society, without big money involved for example.
fractastical I'd say our value proposition over time has shifted a bit from a generic crowdfunding platform to introducing real assets into public markets via cryptographically secure ledgers
dr10 oh okay
As I read through your blog I had the impression its a crowdfunding platform
fractastical not to say that I'm opposed at all to what you mention
it started as the first blockchain crowdfunding platform
moobox nice spike on AMP
dr10 Can you then in simple terms (preferably for non-crypto people) explain what Swarm.Fund is about and does?
fractastical and we had lots of itneresting projects that ran or wanted to run
sure i'm happy to give the little bit of a historical approach, is probably interesting
fractastical early on we had tones of projects that wanted to list, many of them were in this revolutionary world-changing category
mike Hi Timo, thanks for joining in, Timo is also from Swarm Fund.
fractastical not all that many necessarily had a very clear business model underneath
tlehes Thanks Mike
mike And Philip as well
dr10 Hi guys
pieperp Hello everyone!
dr10 So but you are still are crowdfunding platform then? Or anything else?
fractastical so my partners @pieperp and @tlehes helped bring some old world asset classes into the crypto world
i think it's more accurate to described it as a community-owned asset marketplace
moobox ok guys i need to do some LIFE - ttyl
fractastical so those assets could be real estate
or other hedge funds
anton I’m here from Swarm as well with Sebastian. We’re a full stack dev and ux designer respectively.
wires hi! This is Jelle also from the swarm Team :slightly_smiling_face: (edited)
fractastical projects that alreayd exist, or are already getting started
dr10 What kind of projects? Would you quickly sum up some of the most differents? (edited)
pieperp we have this unique opportunity to create a solution for old fiat money that is still on the sidelines and bridge it to come to the crypto world. And vice versa.
tlehes We are curating the initial projects to set the initial tome as to what Swarm should be focusing on in terms of asset classes or sub-funds. High risk (Crypt hedge fund) to low risk (Real Estate)
fractastical both philipp and Timo have experience doing portfolio management
pieperp uploaded this image: Here's an example of projects that will be part of our pilot projects Add Comment
dr10 and these projects are for example? I have read that these project start as private blockchains as an experiment and then slowly get more and more serious and public
or is this only the case of the worldchanging projects?
fractastical great question, at the moment we are focusing less on "startup like" projects
but i think that this is a great model
the whole way that world works need sto be radicaly rethought
wires uploaded this image: swarmfund.png Add Comment
fractastical what you are describing is a bit like an incubator model
oh yeah, look at the @wires diagram, we used this at a private crypto-investor event last night
dr10 Did you already decide on which ethereum platform you will deploy? I have read that this will be a community decision and you only know that you will be on an EVM
fractastical basically swarm is the top of the pyramid
we've deployed on test net so far
ethereum as a technology actually presents several problems for us at this point
pieperp We have worked diligently on a clear got-to-market that 1/ validates the technical and legal framework we developed and 2/ solidifies a scalable market while 3/ it creates a market health and confidence for the community
dr10 Yeah. So what you are doing is similar to Bancor, right? Or even Iconomi (even if its not smart contract based) Or how does it differ?
fractastical due to the not particularly high quality of solidity among other things
wires @dr10 Ethereum/EVM (although we have worked on formal languages/DSL that compile down to EVM code, meaning we could target different blockchains as they appear) (edited)
fractastical I think we are like the upmarket version of those things
insofar as we are actually bringing in large money from the existing fiat ecosystem
around existing real partner funds
so its less hypothetical
more real assets
dr10 Okay so you have already established partners and relationships?
Your concept reminds me partly of bancor, yet you are longer around as I think. How does the calculation of a crypto fund work? It is smart contracted, so will there be some kind of algorythm?
wires @dr10 comparable to Bancor, but not so similar as it seams at first
dr10 And is it only limited to Eth tokens or also other currencies?
What are the differences to Bancor @wires
pieperp there are requirements that major fiat investors have, that so far the industry does not abide by (compliance, transparency, etc.), yet we are committed to develop.
wires Bancor’s main innovation is this way to create liquidity and tap in on the “long tail”
dr10 You should update your FAQ section. The provided whitepaper there says something about rescuing the rain forest
wires that is match up buyers/sellers
“rescuing the rain forest” = def one of the things we want to do…
safe the planet, bro
dr10 probably, but I didnt really understand what this was about
pieperp update to materials on website coming the next few days.
dr10 okay
wires :smile:
dr10 :smile:
dr10 So anybody can propose a project? Or how does this actually work at all?
pieperp Animated intro video:
dr10 What will I see and do on your platform
pieperp Ultimately, yes. After we go through the first 6-9 months of curated pilot projects
wires (I’ll answer you Q about bancor~swarm~wings similarities and differences, give me a second to close of some things regarding crowdsale #FOMO and collect my thoughts)
aquazi nobody here with some experience on the bittrex api?
dr10 @wires alright :smile:
dr10 so what kind of projects are there yet and who proposed them? just to have an image what goes on @ swarm.funds (edited) 2 replies Last reply today at 6:21 PM View thread
dr10 maybe 1-2 examples
pieperp dr10:
mike can you go into a little detail on how the distressed real estate works?
pieperp sure: our syndicate partner is a fund that has been operating an data-driven & automated model to identify, buy, and rent distressed real estate from Chapter 7 filings. Highly attractive cash model of underutilized assets.
dr10 so its a software that looks through data and decides which projects, assets etc, could be interesting within a fund?
pieperp yes. plus an extremely high degree of automation. very small initial investments, which is returned within 10-12 months and makes 4x+ returns over it's lifetime.
dr10 When I buy Bitcoin, Stratis and Ark and put them into a fund. Its still highly volatile. You have a solution for this?
pieperp asset-backed tokens should be more stable based on the underlying value.
wires @dr10: this “open project proposal” could work very similar fashion to, wings might even be considered an “oracle” for our system, so if the project passed the scrutiny of the system and is listed there, this could be something the fund invests in (decided by liquid democracy vote) (edited)
pieperp we are trying to create asset classes that give the market a different risk-reward profile and alternatives to invest under portfolio perspectives.
wires @dr10 but as @pieperp is saying, we will start with some curated classes for which we already have some funds/interested parties, processes etc
dr10 I see... so its like "secure asset" "medium secure" "risky but high profit" assets, right?
wires right, so bitadel would be the crypto hedge fund managing those classes (edited)
dr10 So I dont know how actual your blog and FAQ was:
pieperp plus are more attractive to non-crypto investors as they have a higher efficiency in operating them and can therefore be more aggressive in "pricing".
dr10 When I've read, "can be deployed as multiple chains and stake-weighted delegated votin"g and of course Mike Doty advising Swarm.Funds I had to think of this: Will Swarm Fund be smartbridged to ARK?
Maybe I misunderstood it totally
fractastical hmmm, you mean for the dpos stuff?
dr10 yeah basically its multiple side chains, stake weighted delegated voting... so thats what I asked to myself
fractastical i've thought about this for a long time but i don't know if i know enough low level technial knowledge about how ark works to know under what cirucmstances stuff
i did think about similar things with respect to DASH/PIVX
there are a few interesting possibilities there
most blockchains are currnetly using a top down approach for validation
but the ultimate dpos is actually bottom up
wires @dr10 I am one of the people behind which is developing a protocol to bridge incompatible blockchains using a novel idea of “hybrid assets”, it’s more longtail thing, we will start of with the basics, be @fractastical and me are definately thinking about those things…
fractastical so if you can peer with a governance mesh that is dynamically formed at the device level that's very interesting
dr10 So how does this cross-currency investing work? I can put FIAT money into a crypto asset or can I invest crypto in a real estate asset?
wires we split that up:
crypto =>
fiat => bitadel managed fund
dr10 @wires okay I see. Ark is internet of blockchains too... so thats why I asked :smile:
wires these are the pools in the diagram I just posted
dr10 okay
wires @dr10 ah cool, I wasn’t aware.. :blush: kinda too busy to read all the whitepapers, but I’ll have a deepdive one of these days (edited)
dr10 @wires sure, I made a video about that :smile:
fractastical oh does Ark have a tokenized asset protocol built in as well?
wires @dr10 linkplz?
fractastical @dr10 link us the video?
dr10 (edited)
I am honest, I still didnt exactly get the differences to Bancor or Iconomi
dr10 I lack the technical understanding to be honest
but I see this three projects as very similar. But probably the details are much different
but I cant see it right now.. maybe you can point that more out? :slightly_smiling_face:
wires yes
mike how much has internetofcoins raised so far?
wires ~ $1.3m I think
tlehes @dr10 Bancor is more of a token platform whereas swarm is more focused on the governance and legal framework to link real world assets to Crypto investors.
wires ^ right
pieperp Bancor is purely a tokenization process. We have developed an entire process (legal and technical) to bridge into real world assets being owned and governed by crypto.
dr10 but didnt you say the real world asset are split from crypto investments?
wires yes
mike Ark's tokenized assets are separate ArkChains which are cloned and configured using the main Ark code. These run as separate chains bridged to Ark. Applications can then be built on top of these separate chains.
wires give me a second i’ll quickly sketch a picture
mike given the limitations of Solidity/EVM, what would you rather see as an alternative?
tlehes Swarm is managing both crypto assets as well as Fiat assets. The governance layer doesn’t distinguish between the two. The underlying funds are a mix of Crypto only, Crypto+Fiat, Fiat only. (edited)
mike can you go into some detail on the trading algos/AI Bitadel is using?
dr10 ahh okay... so if I invest in Swarm, I wouldnt only invest in crypto combinations but at the same time (or can I chose?) in a mix of crypto/Fiat or only Fiat?
that Means I could combine Bitcoin and Dollar?
as a Hedge?
tlehes We are building the market infrastructure for Traders, not mandating which algos they should use. It’s an open platform, similar to Quantopian for public stocks. (edited)
pieperp We are building the "AWS" for market traders, actually empowering them with data services, reporting, etc. and ultimately capital. So it's less about our trading algios, but more about identifying the experts. At the same time it's a "superhighway" for fiat investors to invest.
wires uploaded this image: sketch-for-dr10-ark.png Add Comment
wires @dr10 I tried to repurpose our picture to answer your question, I’m simplifying a bit here, but roughly it looks like this
the big fund is made up out of smaller funds, holding different asset classes
obv. different classes require different processes (buying a house, vs trading OTC comodities, vs trading cryptos)
dr10 I see. So its diversified in different branches, which makes the value less volatile, right?
if that is the main reason...
pieperp You could summarize Swarm+Bitadel as "market infrastructure" for investments. Think back to financial markets in 1985, we are building infrastructure structure that brings it to today's market standards. (edited)
wires bitadel software and infra is there to provide the information and reporting to have traders deal with it , and also to ensure that the votes of the L.D./swarm governance funds are respected
numba1enigma what regions can swarm accept fiat deposits on the platform 1 reply Today at 6:45 PM View thread
tlehes @dr10 The Swarm token gives you voting rights and access to underlying sub-funds, governed by Swarm. The Sub-funds governed by Swarm are the the actual assets you invest in. Over time, you hopefully will have a broad choice of Fiat/Crypto/Mixed subfunds to choose from,
wires @numba1enigma we will run two fundraisers: a crypto ICO and a longer running fundraiser for the (fiat only) “big fund” (edited)
pieperp numba1enigma: globally, including US with some restrictions
numba1enigma does swarm fund have existing compliance to take deposits from users today. i.e. deposit from a bank like chase
wires @numba1enigma but at a later stage we will be able to take crypto in as aswell to the crypto fund
before the cyrpto ICO starts we run a bitcoin suisse round
numba1enigma is the crypto fund a collection of tokens swarm creates like a mutual fund an individual can buy?
or can indiciduals make their own basket of tokens
pieperp for now we are working with bitcoinsuisse on that, but are having conversations with different market constituencies. this will be a part of the efforts in the next 12 months.
dr10 The reputation system is something as "giving a like" to interesting projects that evolve positively? (If its still actual)
pieperp it's not meant to be a mutual fund. Each SPV/subfund can involve seperate crypto and fiat investors, while being governed by Swarm platform.
wires (the $B fund will be filled over 2 years or so… depending on how well “we”/LD do) (edited)
numba1enigma what is swarm oppionion of index funds and the ability to get them traded on multiple markets 1 reply Today at 6:50 PM View thread
wires bitadel decides on this together with LD voting = swarm intelligence (edited)
mike Hi sebastian, melon
tlehes @dr10 The reputation system is used in reference to which sub-fund managers that are performing well as are building a track record on the platform.
pieperp numba1enigma: we don't discriminate on the opportunities. ultimately it's about the community showing interest in certain opportunities, endorsing them and those in return proving their value/credibility.
wires @dr10 there is a lot of reporting coming from bitadel infrastructure that reflects back on both the performance of subfunds, traders, fundraisers, and also on how well the LD votes count…
sebastian hi @mike it was great to talk with you last night, very interesting ideas for ark
numba1enigma SPV can combine assets of say typical VC's and bitcon millionars to launch a project in any space? 1 reply Today at 6:52 PM View thread
dr10 ah ok, so its like these daytrader platforms where you can follow daytraders who are listed chronogically by % success rate
tlehes @dr10 The voting for projects is based on quorum&majority, liquid democracy (edited)
pieperp numba1enigma: absolutely, that's the goal. watch the video :wink:
wires @numba1enigma more or less, yes, but probably a like mechanism is used to propose the SPV to the swarm token hodlers and must pass LD vote
mike thanks seb, enjoyed as well.
wires and swarm will then setup the spv, etc… (edited)
mike what business entity and jurisdiction is Swarm Fund using?
numba1enigma any parallels of swarm to iconomi
wires you can also think of swarm as otonomous for spv’s, but there is more to it
tlehes @mike There are different jurisdictions suiting well for different purposes. We are looking at the best solution for each sub-fund category.
wires cofound seems more like (edited)
than swarm
fractastical I think Iconomi has some similar properties, but we are working with larger more established partner funds
that are already profitable
wires and is much like the “propose a subfund / asset class / project in asset class / etc” procedure
anton Iconomi is also more of a hub and spokes model focusing on building enterprises
tlehes Thanks for participating, happy to answer any follow up questions.
fractastical Live Q&A with Coinfund starting now
mike We are at the one hour mark, but can continue as long as Swarm Fund team members and Ark comunity members would like to continue.
Thanks you to everyone for participating.
dr10 Thanks for the Ama!
wires np! :smile:
enjoyed talking to you guys and will lurk around on this channel, seems very interesting, ark (edited)
pieperp was a pleasure!
sebastian thanks for organizing mike!
dr10 :+1:
fhemai Evening
mike see Joel, Philipp, Jelli, Timo live on the youtube link now, busy day!
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Research - Algorithmic Trading with Python and Quantopian p. 4 Intro to Quantopian - Quantopian Algo Trading #1 Quantopian - Getting Started in Algorithmic Trading - YouTube Quantopian, simple strategies QUANTOPIAN MEETS CRYPTOCURRENCY  Easily Build Crypto Trading Algorithms with CRIX  Introduction

Right now we're focused on developing the platform for research, backtest, and live trading of US equities. Once we make this robust, we'll look to adding new data sources and features. We've heard requests to add Bitcoin (as well as options, futures, FX!) and we will examine adding these integrations in the future. What would be the best way to right connectors for bitcoin exchanges on Zipline live trading modules? freddiev4 changed the title Support Bitcoing trading Support Bitcoin trading Jul 16, 2017 This comment has been minimized. In this post, I will revisit Quantopian, a Boston-based Fintech that I covered in the very early days of my Fintech content creation journey. Check out Quantopian – DIY open-sourced trading algorithms and a crowd-sourced hedge fund. At the time, Quantopian had received around $23mil in funding (by March 2015). Custom Markets Trading Calendar with Zipline (Bitcoin/cryptocurrency example) - Python Programming for Finance p.28 Hello and welcome to part 4 of the zipline local tutorial series. Up to this point, we've covered installing Zipline, using it locally, and even incorporating your own data to some degree, but, in this tutorial, we're going to bitcoin trading. dhruv malik. posted . Share Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Getting Started. my question is that wether the quantopian can be used for bitcoin trading (or for blockchain )?? Please sign in or join Quantopian to post a reply. Become an expert in quant finance through Quantopian's hands-on education.

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Research - Algorithmic Trading with Python and Quantopian p. 4

In this Quantopian tutorial, we introduce the Research environment. ... Bitcoin Documentary Crypto Currencies Bitcoins ... Algorithmic Trading with Python and Quantopian p. 2 - Duration: 16:12. QUANTOPIAN MEETS CRYPTOCURRENCY Easily Build Crypto Trading Algorithms with CRIX Introduction ... Vera Trading: Live Bitcoin Price Chart and Live Bitcoin Trading with Crypto Robot DeriBot. Our goal at Quantopian is to provide educational tools that guide our community through researching and developing your first quantitative trading strategy. ... In this video, Jeet explains the basics of Quantopian, and the course material following the Algo Trading with Quantopian course. Stay tuned for more content! I show Quantopian, and show a few variant of a strategy that I created in quantopian. ... Bitcoin Documentary Crypto Currencies ... Algorithmic Trading with Python and Quantopian p. 1 - Duration ...